Building Systems Management as a Service

Dmitry Sotnikov

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Thanks to Nicholas Carr everyone loves to talk about Cloud Computing as electricity and how we are transitioning from own power-stations to central grid. After a lot of discussions about "the cloud", it occurred to me recently that there is a far better model to make cloud idea easy to understand - and it is supermarket. Electricity is kind of a wrong model. Not because so many folks are now trying to get the pendulum swing back and get to solar panels and other micro-generators, but also because software and IT services are much less uniform than electrical current. There's no single "IT utility current" you can get from your network outlet to solve all IT needs. Supermarkets seem a far closer paradigm. There was a period of natural household economy when basically people were raising their own crops and more or less producing most of the stuff they needed day to ... (more)

Email Address as the Universal Identity

In the brave new world of enterprise applications going to the web do we need an identity directory spawning the internet, and if so, will email address system become the de-facto global identity system? Global directories are obviously not new. There were efforts like X.400 and like, but then we kind of got scaled back to company-wide identities instead. So most of us just use a username (or DOMAIN\username) to log into our computer at work, and do not care that this is not globally unique at all. Sounds like the internet will make us care again. Suppose you are designing a glob... (more)

Just-in-time Google Apps Provisioning

Quest has just made available technical preview of it’s just-in-time access provisioning provider. The idea is that instead of granting cloud services accounts to all your users, you set up a framework for users to request access if they need it. The demo below shows how this works for Google Apps. User tries to access Google Apps but does not have an account. The system detects that and allows to user to request the account from her manager. After the approval, she can goes to the exact same Google Apps site and gets to the service with no issues. This all is integrated with co... (more)

Amazon’s Push for the Enterprise

What do you do once you become the top bookseller and web-startup hoster? You shoot for the enterprise market! That seemed to be the sentiment of Amazon’s Cloud for the Enterprise event which the company held in Sofitel Los Angeles last week. The pitch boiled down to: Amazon’s datacenters are the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective option you can find, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) lets you securely connect an isolated subnet of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to your intranet, If you are already virtualizing your applications, why not then run them in AWS and not spend mo... (more)

Self-Hosting vs Cloud-Hosting Costs

Is there hard ROI to use a cloud IaaS instead of a server in your garage/basement/on-premise datacenter? I think there increasingly is and justifying self-hosting is getting increasingly tough. I would actually go as far as posit that  you can now get a server in a public datacenter at price comparable to your electricity bill alone! If you don’t believe me – let’s do a quick math. Mark Kolich noticed in his blog that the server he had running at his home was consuming 220 W, which at the consumer electricity costs of 12-cents per kWh means: 0.220 kWh * 12 cents = 2.64 cents per ... (more)